Community Organizing

IHC organizes to ensure that residents have a voice in their own communities through leadership development. IHC's current organizing agenda includes advocating for an equitable budget and maintaining revenue to support a vital social safety net, including SNAP and Medicaid. IHC advocates for meaningful job training programs linked to living wage jobs, and expanding eligibility for SNAP benefits to low-income college students. IHC works tirelessly to combat the regressive agenda to restrict SNAP eligibility for 18-49 year old, able-bodied, unemployed adults without dependent children that are struggling to find work in this difficult economy and to fight cuts to programs that protect vulnerable groups such as the mentally ill, the homeless, and ex-offenders.


The Revenue Truth Squad is a group of 30+ community leaders who came together under the umbrella of the Grassroots Collaborative. We went on a week long trip to the State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois during the last week of the 2015 spring session. We talked to legislators about the need to increase revenue using progressive revenue solutions like:

1. Implementing a fair tax model.
2. Closing corporate loopholes.
3. Ending bad bank deals.
With the looming threat of a budget impasse, the Truth squad found that this was the only equitable way to support social services without crippling the working class.
 IHC Truth Squad members at the State Capital