SNAP Outreach and Enrollment

The SNAP Outreach and Enrollment team provides assistance with SNAP and Medical applications, and screens people who are potentially eligible for benefits in English and Spanish. The Illinois Hunger Coalition does outreach at the City Colleges of Chicago and colleges and universities in Southern Illinois, food pantries, health fairs, courthouses, the Cook County Sheriff's Day Reporting Center, and other public events organized by the community.

The Illinois Hunger Coalition also trains community providers and consumers on SNAP and Medical enrollment rules and best practices, in-depth policy, and on-the-ground implementation.

IHC Trainings Flyer   

The Illinois Hunger Coalition continuously updates our informational resources to provide community members and the people we serve with SNAP and Medicaid assistance, as well as employment and training opportunities, shelters, medical services, child support referral, food sites, energy assistance, and summer food sites.